• Sand Boarding Dubai

    About 30 minutes off road from Dubai, you land up in the biggest sand dune of the Arabian Desert in Dubai. Our company specializes in providing excursions and explorations by the experienced 4x4 Wheel Drivers, for your ease and sense of adventure.

    There are few sand dunes which are 200-300m high. The biggest one (locally called "Big Red") is very popular with locals and visitors but because there are no organised system or rules it turns into a free for all. It is best to find a quieter dune (this is one of the advantages of using a local tour guide).

    The best time to Sand board is in the wee hours of the morning, and Dusk. We have specialized treks and tours in which you can strap the boards on your feet and get boarding. To get better quality equipment speak to your tour operator before you leave on your tour.

    To know about exclusive offers and Bookings contacts us.

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